Our Sources

Founded in 1977, Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland, rearing salmon from fry stage, through grower stage, to harvesting and primary processing. Salmon is farmed in three seawater sites: Loch Kannaird, Loch Broom, and Little Loch Broom.

Wester Ross Fisheries has been certified by the RSPCA since the beginning of the Freedom Food program. Their farm was one of the first farms to pass the certification audit. Directors Gilpin Bradley and Hugh Richards are members of the RSPCA working group for both the freshwater and saltwater practices.

Loch Etive is a glacially carved 145 meter deep sea loch located along the West Coast of Scotland. The loch’s mix of seawater and freshwater, along with the fast currents and high oxygen levels, creates the perfect conditions to grow these amazing trout. The farm operates at the lowest stocking densities, with the highest welfare standards in the entire UK.

Cho-Rei-Kun frozen hamachi begins with fish that is demonstrably healthier, stronger, with more fat and yielding the firmest fillets. To raise the hamachi, local fishermen capture wild juveniles, known as mojako, which are then brought to a network of small farms. After taking extreme care that the young fish are healthy and acclimated, they are raised to an eventual market size of 4.5 – 5kg (dressed).

Nature uses every bit of energy that is captured from the sun by plants, algae, and bacteria. We follow Nature’s rules to redefine the limits of what is possible in protein production.

Our shrimp farm is the first embodiment of this philosophy. In order to grow one ton of shrimp, conventional farming needs 70 times more space and more than 500 times more water than we do. Water at conventional farms is then often discharged into the surrounding environment, creating instability in the ecosystem. In contrast, we maintain a zero discharge system in fully-lined ponds that leave our farm site as clean as we found it. We raise our shrimp in fully-lined, land-based ponds surrounded by fields used for peanut cultivation and green space. Our farm produces no negative impact to our nearby coastal waters.

Our shrimp get only water, air, food, sunshine and lots of attention paid to their microscopic companions to keep them and their environment in peak condition.

Prodemar is the flatfish division of Stolt Sea Farm, a multinational company of recognized international prestige in the fish farming sector, part of Stolt-Nielsen Limited. Stolt Sea Farm operates 15 land-based farms. Seven farms in Spain and one each in Iceland, France, Portugal and Norway produce Prodemar™ turbot and sole. SSF’s four farms in California produce sturgeon and Sterling Caviartm. The farms have an annual production capacity of 5,400 tons of turbot, 850 tons of sole, 500 tons of sturgeon and 10 tons of caviar.

Our success is a direct result of our proven ability to develop innovative technologies and techniques that enable us to provide the best products the market has to offer while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Certifications and Accreditations

Our suppliers hold certifications from the industry’s top quality standards organizations including: RSPCA/Freedom Foods, MSC ISO, HACCP, Friend of the Sea, Code of Practice, Quality Trout, Global Gap, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Debio Norway and Naturland Denmark. The specific elements of endorsing or certifying a fish are quite diverse. Farmers will select like-minded firms, aligning to their efforts, and sharing a similar long-term vision. On that note, we are honored and proud to have a fish that has qualified for a Royal Warrant, an authorization to a tradesman to supply goods to a royal household, issued by HM The Queen of England. Wheeler counts on its suppliers attention to detail, standards and certifications. We rely on each other. Together we form a strong ethos of trust.

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