Nature uses every bit of the Sun’s energy captured by plants, algae and bacteria to create life. Agua Blanca Seafood of Oaxaca, Mexico, follows this basic understanding, process of nature, to redefine the limits of what’s possible in the production of fresh Mexican shrimp. In order to grow one ton of shrimp, “Conventional shrimp farming needs 70 times more space and more than 500 times more water than we do. Water at conventional farms is also then discharged into the surrounding environment, creating instability in the ecosystem. In contrast, Agua Blanca maintains a zero discharge (recirculating aquaculture) system in fully-lined ponds that leave our farm site as clean as we found it. The shrimp are raised in land-based ponds surrounded by fields used for peanut cultivation and green space. Agua Blanca produces no negative impact to nearby coastal waters, as shrimp receive only water, air, food, sunshine, and lots of attention paid to their microscopic companions to keep them and their environment in peak condition.”